Immortal L.A. is now avaliable 

My first thought is this: the book is like crack.
The way the characters lives intertwine is so subtle your mind will explode...
Think Neil Gaiman collaborating with Douglas Adams.

The San Andreas Fault is the gateway to hell. The Hollywood Hills are mass graves of angels. William Mulholland defies God himself. Satan gets plastic surgery on Sunset Boulevard. A dead boy is stuck in traffic next to a vampire who can’t sleep, and an angel who has a an audition for the role of an angel. The stars are in the sky and on the pavement. The wolves are prowling. The weather is perfect. The screenplay is written. The soul is sold. This movie is going to be big- really big. Welcome to Immortal L.A. You’re going to love it here.

        Eric Czuleger is a novelist, playwright, and returned peace corps volunteer. He is the author of Falling Dreams, Moonburn, No. Saints Lane, Head Over Heels, L.A. Lights Fire, and the writer/creator of Live Theatre Blog.   His plays have been seen in Los Angeles, New York, Kentucky, Washington D.C. and live streamed over the internet to twenty different countries. Full texts of his work are available for purchase from this site.

He has published articles with The Beach Reporter, The Daily Breeze,, and

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